So Lonely!!!!!!

The Empty Streets and Road

Every one in Kampala apparently will agree with me that,the city is worth a harmless ride. Why? It’s because most of the roads and streets are so free of the recent traffic and human jam that had caused distress to introverts. One standing at the Constitutional Square can focus on whatever is transpiring downtown because of the clarity witnessed.

A traffic and human jam free Siad Barre Road in Kampala today.(Photo by Jenipher Asiimwe)

Security fair

The purse snatchers are nowhere to be seen. Should we say they headed to their ancestral homes for the festivities? Are they in hiding awaiting 2019 to resume their missions? Surely,I can not tell.

Walking at night on the city streets is safer and interesting apparently. The security operatives have no work to do other than chatting with colleagues till dawn strikes. This is with an exception of the nightclubs’ where the revelers involve in light fights over drinks and happening partners,security has to come in to rescue the victims and punish the culprits.

In a Nut Shell

Kampala is more beautiful than 3 weeks ago. For criminals do not return unless you reform. For the saints,bravo. #MyThoughts! This is the city we want if we are to achieve SDG 11 and Vision 2040.

Wishing you a prosperous New Year,2019.

Till then……………..



The Excitement

All most every bank account holder has accessed, or is to access his account withdrawing some of his annual savings and salary to put it to use in the festive season.

A one, Godfrey(not real name) a teller at one of the banks in the country says that they have registered more withdraws than deposits since early, December because most of their clients needing money for consumption in the festive season.

ATM machines have long cues as bank clients que to withdraw the pennies left on their accounts. Godfrey also says that using their tracking system,a client can withdraw money more that once in a week which is rare during normal days

A long que awaiting withdrawing money from Centenary Bank ATM,Nakivubo Branch,Kampala recently(Photo by Jenipher Asiimwe)

The January Blues

Withdraw  money responsibly because January is around to grill you. Do not spend money extravagantly. Impulse buying is worth avoiding. Band wargon is a big NOOOOO!

“He who does not heed to an elder’s advice breaks his leg.”

Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year,2019

Time To Celebrate


Kampala city is a beehive of activities as folks prepare for Christmas and New Year,2019 festivities. The city centre is filled to capacity as scores access shops,markets and streets to  avail themselves with whatever they need during the season.

Prices hike

Besides, phones, most of the commodities prices are up. A dress worth 30000 Uganda shillings during normal days is 20000 more and taken without bargaining due to the competition for it. Transport fares more especially to rural areas have quadrupled.  A case in point,Link Bus Services a renowned bus service from Kampala to the West, has hiked the charge from the normal 25000 to 45000 with an anticipation for further hiking as Christmas day nearly draws.

One of the revelers dancing to Christmas and New year tunes at a phone selling point at the Constitutional Square in Kampala yesterday(Photo by Jenipher Asiimwe)

Security tight

According to the Police spokesperson Emilian Kayima, security nation-wide is so tight as always. Law and order must be kept in whichever situation,says Elly Tumwiine,the security minister.

Take Care.

Enjoy responsibly, festivities come and go. You are here to stay!

Ninkugondeza Nweri enungi, n’omwaka omuhyaka ogw’obusinguzi,2019!!!!!

Christmas and New Year’s Hysteria

Why the hysteria?

Every 25th day of December each year is worth maximum respect among most Christians worldwide. Why? Folks enthrong houses of worship of their affiliation to commemorate Jesus Christ’s birth.

An exception

The seventh day Adventists however do not celebrate the day. They claim it is not written any where is the bible. They believe Christ was born but not on the date always celebrated by other Christians. Are they right to have such thinking? Food for thought!!!!!!!!!!

Folks shopping for Christmas and the New Year celebrations in downtown Kampala, Uganda. Photo by Jenipher Asiimwe

The Apparent Situation

Cities in Uganda, more especially the capital Kampala, are full to capacity as people put their year long savings to use in form of shopping and happening. Classic happening places and already made items are most of them’s preference. These include  beaches,bars, restaurants,coffee cafes,stylish clothes,shoes,jewelry and bags.

Last Minute Touches

The near the day’s celebration draws, the more expensive goods and services become. So, hair plaiting, tinting and relaxing and transport fares hike almost thrice during the season.Folks more especially women always strive for a new look on the days so they opt for a hair do on their eves. Why not overcharge them?


Be steady. Celebrations come and go,we are here to stay unless otherwise. Be content with what you can afford to avoid the preparcations that come with christmas and new year’s preparations and celebrations!!!!!!! We are still in need of you,come 2019

 Till next time………..!

A dream Come True

Located directly opposite and adjacent to the Parliament of Uganda and Uganda Broadcasting Corporation respectively in Uganda’s capital, Kampala,the Uganda National Cultural Centre popularly known as the National Theatre, is one of the most prominent tourists’ attractions in the country.

The state of the art building constructed during the colonial time(1950’s),becomes popular every year that passes.  It is and will always be one of the most desired places to visit by most pupils country-wide especially music,dance and drama lovers.

The front view of the Uganda National Cultural Centre. Photo by Jenipher Asiimwe

You may ask me why? Here is the answer. Since its establishment, primary schools among other institutions organize,annual music dance and drama competitions. Music competitions which necessitate involvement in  among others  that include folk songs,traditional songs and sight singing, are held from the zonal level, to the district level and finally at the national level where cream schools are sieved to make it to  the final level;whose venue is the centre.

Since my school never made it to the national level in music, dance and drama competitions for the time I was there; that has been hurting me obviously to today morning, I paid the centre a courtesy visit to monitor and get to know more about the renovations taking place at the site. My visit was a dream come true in disguise. Isn’t it?

Till next time…..!